Homework Assignment #7

•What were the 3 Rs of Roosevelt’s New Deal?
•Give an example of each.
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Study Guide~Exam #3

History 120Exam #3 Study GuideS2011

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Exam #3 will cover Chapters 9-13 of the text, except pgs. 327-332 (Southwestern Borderlands) and pgs. 336-338 (Politics of Territorial Expansion) lectures and videos.

 **For up to 15 points homework credit, turn in your completed study guide

Part I.  Multiple Choice/True & False: Chapters 9-13

Part II: Identification/Short Answer: Be prepared to define and state the historical significance for each of the following:

Louisiana Purchase (1803)

Corps of Discovery

Erie Canal

Monroe Doctrine

Missouri Compromise (1820)

Whitney’s Cotton Gin

Trail of Tears

King Cotton

Nat Turner’s Rebellion

American System of Manufacturing

Lowell Mills

Second Great Awakening

Nullification Crisis (1832)

California Gold Rush

Homestead Act of 1862

Oregon Trail

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